Luftpost Podcast II 

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studio Bariloche
studio Bariloche

Some time ago, Daniel from the German speaking Luftpost Podcast recorded an Episode with me. We talked about my Website, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Norway. Time now for an update and after far north we are now talking about far south. In the actual episode, we're talking about Argentina, Chile and the picturesque Patagonia Region. Thanks a lot Daniel for recording and all the other interesting episodes!


the big Bariloche Chocolate test 

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Bariloche. Famous for chocolate and Mountains. I was already in the mountains, now the chocolate. They are pride for ("capital of chocolate") their brown gold and for easter, they build up a 4 tons heavy easter egg on the main square. The egg was already eaten but in the main street B. Mitre the chocolate shops lines up. Paradise for a cycling chocolate friend. But what is the best? If you ask the locals, the answers are as numerous as the shops. Somebody has to investigate that. I accepted (reluctantly!) the challenge and started the big Bariloche chocolate tasting. That you don't need overeat, here are the results.


To prevent myself of bursting, I limited the test to the central stores on B. Mitre and also on shops with fresh counter. Who knows how old the boxed chocolate is. In 11 shops I bought one white, milk and dark chocolate and ask for their one or two specialties. All over I had more than 45 peaces of chocolate. To reduce influence of knowing the manufacturers name, somebody placed the three standard peaces on a plate and numbered it randomly. I tasted them in one row, noted the number, my impressions and a grading from (theoretical) o to 100. They didn't print the weight on the receipts and before I recognized that, the most was eaten. So an objective price comparison was not possible any more. I hope that my highfaluting talk gives you a small idea of the local chocolate.


White chocolate

Mamuschka very fine lemony note, slightly dry melting, sugar little pushy 65
Rapa Nui little creamy, initially dull, finish beautifully intense, sweetness appropriate 65
Frantom something sugary melting, beautiful cacao notes, sweet, creamy melt 60
Tante Frida slightly sugary cream, initially latent pungent sweetness, very fine, creamy notes in the finish 60
Torres quite dry, then very creamy. Strong but still pleasant sweetness 60
Turista dry cream, pleasant sweetness, taste unexcited, somewhat flat 55
Abuela Goye with nut, very dry, almost creamy, pleasantly sweet, little flavors 55
El Reino quiet dry, strong sweetness 50
Havanna intrusive sweetness, a little creamy, boring cocoa note 50
Dolce Rama strange note, a little grainy and creamy, barely cocoa notes 40
Bonifacio unpleasant taste in the beginning, very sugary cream, too sweet 40



Mamuschka quite creamy, interesting, slightly smoky note, not too sweet and pleasant 70
El Reino nice and creamy, pleasant sweetness, delicate cocoa notes 70
Frantom nice and creamy, very sweet, nice cocoa notes in the finish 65
Tante Frida beautiful creamy, slightly sugary, interesting aftertaste 65
Abuela Goye quite dry, slightly grainy, slightly creamy, fine cocoa flavors in the aftermath 60
Turista only briefly creamy, pleasant little sweetness, taste does not remain long in the mouth. 55
Rapa Nui slightly dry, slightly creamy, very sugary, leaving unsightly 55
Torres moderately creamy, also very late, something dusty and dry 50
Dolce Rama quite grainy, moderately creamy, very strong sweetness 50
Havanna too dry, almost creamy, little chocolatey 50
Bonifacio disconcerting entry, sugary cream, virtually no cocoa flavors 40


dark chocolate

Mamuschka quite creamy, interesting whiskey on the finish, little sugary sweetness, nice cocoa flavor 70
Frantom creamy melt, very good cocoa flavor, moderately sweet 70
El Reino very creamy, delicate touch, pleasant dark note 65
Torres pretty sweet. moderately fine cocoa notes 60
Rapa Nui Melting beautiful, harmless cocoa flavor, very sweet 60
Dolce Rama delicately bitter, pleasant creamy, nice cocoa note 60
Tante Frida pleasant cream, a little bit sugary, short very nice notes of cocoa, leaving unfortunately rather uncomfortable 55
Turista short creamy, nice cocoa flavor, a little too sweet, very short taste 55
Abuela Goye pleasant cream, cocoa notes rather dull, quite grainy and rough 55
Bonifacio strange entry, pleasant creamy but too sweet, cocoa too profound 50
Havanna (Chocolate candy wrapped rather than pure dark chocolate) -


Specialties 1

Frantom Rectangular chocolate with fine dulce de leche filling, good balance between filling and chocolate, nice creamy chocolate, sweetness pleasant 70
El Reino 3 layered chocolate bar with peanut butter, very nutty, nice and creamy, not too sweet, fine glaze 70
Abuela Goye Shaped praline with liqueur cream, very nice liqueur notes, not too pushy, fine cream, good finish 70
Torres Layered chocolate bar, fine aroma, nutty cream, slightly grainy finish 65
Turista Chocolate roll of white, milk and dark chocolate, Christmas flavors, nice and creamy but tend sticky, a bit too sweet but still within 65
Mamuschka 4 layered chocolate bar with marzipan cream, sugary grainy rough melt, little creamy 55
Tante Frida Layered chocolate bar with dulce de leche filling. Filling very sugary and grainy, much too sweet, too-heavy filling 55
Rapa Nui layered chocolate bar, nice and creamy, a little too sweet, little cocoa flavor, filling meaningless 50
Dolce Rama flat praline with "puffed rice" and dulce de leche. Chocolate sugary, highly granular fill, too sweet 50
Bonifacio layered chocolate bar, very sugary-grained cream, very short finish, very sweet and too dry 45
Havanna Praline. Hardly creamy, sugary filling and very dusty 40


Specialties 2 (if available)

Mamuschka Chocolate with macadamia and dulce de leche filling, very good nut, fine stuffing, great chocolate flavor 75
Frantom square praline liqueur filling, bit sugary and grainy consistency, fin and surprisingly changing flavors 65
Havanna Role of white, milk and dark chocolate, very nutty flavor, grainy but pleasant creamy, long finish 60
Abuela Goye shaped praline with walnut filling, good cream, unpleasant aftertaste, leaving quite idiosyncratic taste 45
Rapa Nui Walnut on chocolate praline, nut musty, strange filling, unpleasant finish 40


conclusion and infos

Mamuschka 67 Big store with huge fresh counter and attached café. Cakes and sweet pastries are also offered.
Frantom 66 Big store with a connected cafe, rather smaller fresh counter, some other local specialties such as jams.
El Reino 63,75 Very small, fancy store, very little fresh counter with a small selection. Various other local specialties
Tante Frida 58,75 medium size, attached cafe with cake counter, other local specialties and WiFi.
Torres 58,75 very small store - but at least two stores, a large fresh counter, barely boxed chocolate
del Turista 57,5 two very large stores, in addition to the large fresh counter a lot boxed chocolate, attached cafe with cake and ice cream counter, many local specialties. (why do you create such a name?!?)
Abuela Goye 57 very small business, small counter with a small selection
Rapa Nui 54 large shop, large café in the back, selection of local specialties
Dolce Rama 50 small shop just outside of Bariloche with tea room, ice cream, only fresh counter. (The only exception to my restriction to the center)
Havanna 50 very small shop, deli counter and smallest selection, lots of packaged and also looked more like industrially made​​.
Bonifacio 43,75 very small with little selection, some local specialties


Henry says: "highfaluting talk, you nailed it! Well at least I get some calories to feed up my fat for the upcoming winter. I really can'T complain about quality, but Stefan has bought far too little. The next days, I'll try to sneak in somewhere for the night. Everything else is worthless."


In a town and the Kiosks its hard to belive 11 Manufacturers to prevent influent Bonifacio and not really tasty Havanna and also not the best. Dolce Rama Rapa Nui with better marketing Auela Goye without proper package del Tourista just average Torres good average Tante Frida good average El Reino Place 3 Frantom not only visual Mamushka best grades in the field the specialties at the end