Bariloche side trips II 

[2013.08.31 20:53:59 | Argentina | 2 comments]

Wintertime in Bariloche. Snow in the mountains, rare down in the town. The city occupied by Ski and Snowboarders - some with years experience, some see the snow for the first time. Who's not on the slopes wastes his time in the hostel, waiting for better weather. When the weather is fine you follow the call of the mountains. Two times more I climb up to Refugio Frey, stay some time, enjoy silence and view, stare for hours on fascinating landscapes. Up to a wide view for sunrise, struggle around in a forest until getting a glimpse of "Torre Bustillo" - a mystic Scottish type stone tower, keeping an eye on the competitors on the national sheep shaving masters, put some trouts from the lake beside into the oven, watch the waves at the beach in a storm while eating "Dulce de Leche" ice, get to Chile for two days, shopping, extend visa, wait for the spring, looking forward to ride my bike. Live is beautiful.

winter say hello to the snow (my) Hostel trout add some fresh and a potatoe shaving competition little bit crowded a lot more crowded flag water short after sunrise short after sunrise incredible landscape Torre Bustillo Torre Bustillo Osorno market in Osorno market in Osorno Markt in Osorno no tee? no violin? some have nothing fontain architectural town houses Hospedaje Royal Kunst und Kaffee nothing in the world gets destroyed it just changes the form Winterwonderland Refugio Frey in front cheap Chinese snowshoes good morning deep freezed but on sunrise granite peaks mystic moods at night in Refugio Frey or walk around some meters beside traks and early in the morning