900 Tage 

[2014.10.01 22:00:21 | Bolivia | 3 comments]

The head full of ideas, the hard drive full pictures, an empty bank account. Time for a winter camp, sort ideas and pictures, refill the holiday fund. After two years south America it’s also time to see family and friends in person, to put some nonsense in the nephews head and just let the paper falling – south America travelers know exactly what I mean.
For 900 days I lived out of my panniers, was staying where I want, how long I want and with whom I want. I’ve been sitting mouth open under the incredible starry sky of the Atacma desert, fought 5000m a.s.l. on my bike against sand, steep uphill’s and lack of oxygen, was philosophizing with people from all over the world about the live, the universe and all the rest while drinking icy mountain water, fresh fruit juice or tasty red wine. And I did, heard, felt and saw hundred thousand things more. This freedom, this independence, this driven by my own curiosity only – I don’t want to miss that anymore.
What’s next? For a handful months, the panniers will be in Germany. But then back to the road again. Until then there is a lot to do: filling the wallet, work on this website and write more articles, sorting the 400GB on raw files just from this year and think about all the great ideas I had on the road – probably just to dismiss them.


But now I need to pack. The plane leaves tomorrow.