Stativ: Manfrotto 190XPPROB 


verwendet seit:2008
mit dabei:Island, Weltreise, Hardangervidda Wintertour

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Almost 2 kg for a Tripod!
I wonder If you use it that much?
I assume it is for LandScape aso. I hope one of those small things or a beanbag will suffige. If the tent is set up well, I have all the time to construct something for my camera. The amount of lenses (wide, normal and tele zoom objects) is also heavy, my case.
Even a laptop and a disk to store the photos and edit them has to be stowed too.

In short, please expand on your photography experience during your expanding trips. From the moment that you select a spot too the digital delivery somewhere.

28.08.2013 22:38:12



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