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Märchenhafte Bergwelt wie aus dem Malkasten

Lat: 63° 59' 21.1"
Lon: -19° 3' 56.1"

date in: 2007.09.24 21:00:40

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Auch wenn Island nicht gerade ein low-cost Reiseziel ist, Landmannalaugar sollte man einmal gesehen haben, bevor man sich am Lebensende auf die ganz große Reise aufmacht!

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Iceland extreme – by bike on Iceland’s hardest courses 

[2010.08.01 20:00:00 | Iceland | 15 comments]

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Stones sputter. A blue jeep stops next to my bike. “You alright, need anything?”; “I’m alright, thanks.” “Nice weather, isn’t it? Just a breeze, a nice summer day!” Reality check: about 40° F, 25 mph winds on my face, drizzle and clouds which rush through the sky as if they were under time pressure. “Just a little bit too much sun for my sensitive skin!” 1:0 to me, a smile flits over his face. He reaches behind his seat and grabs a can of “Gull” and throws it towards me. “Enjoy your dinner!” Stones sputter, alone again.

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herzlichsten Dank noch an Michael für die guten Tips für die Islandtour!

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