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Toketee Hot Springs

[United States of America]

The Hot Springs are found at Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, above the North Umpqua River surrounded by beautiful red trees

Lat: 43° 17' 35"
Lon: -122° 22' 26.3"

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In the Chinook language, the word "Toketee" means "pretty" or "graceful" - "Umpaqua" is "thundering waters". Situated on a clifftop perch, Toketee Hot Springs view of the below is one of Oregon most memorable. It certainly adds to the soothing pleasure of soaking in this spring. There are two to three oval pools for soaking above and behind the main, covered pool, they are approx. 43-44°C. The larger pool is tub-like due to the minerals from the spring creating a travertine mound over the centuries that caps the cliffside. The main pool exists sunken into this travertine stone with the view opening like an ampitheater to soakers. Expect nudity, bring towles and drinks.

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