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Refugio Frey


Nationalpark Nahuel Huapi, in Argentina.

Lat: -41° 11' 53.4"
Lon: -71° 29' 10.8"

date in: 2007.07.08 18:55:23

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Beautyful aerea for trekking, climbing and mountaineering. Next city with international connection: Bariloche, located in cosy sourrounding with lakes and the andes. Popular ski resort in wintertime.

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[2013.04.29 20:01:47 | Argentina | 2 comments]

Bariloche. Famous for chocolate and mountains. Mountains first, chocolate later. 20km by bus to Villa Catedral, a copy and paste version of a random Swiss ski village, poor (german!) Apres-Ski songs from cheap speakers at overpriced kiosks included. Easy uphill from 1000m to 2000m in a cosy chairlift, dangle your feet, enjoy the views. Then climb the ridge by foot. After a few minutes the fun resort and day trippers stay back, make way for countless towers, needles, pillars, columns and wildly cluttered piles of granite. The horizon ends at hazy, blue mountains, a Condor circles above, gravel crunch under your feet. The stony path leads over a pass and crashes abruptly down to a small mountain lake, winds down further into a valley. Surrounded by millions years old pillars, Laguna Toncek is located down in the valley, a small stone building on the bank - Refugio Frey. Built up 1957, since then a popular base for walkers and climbers. Attic dormitory for up to 40 people, kitchen and lounge with magnificent views downstairs, stones outside, in between space for tents and finest climbing routes around. Finest as well for body and soul: the evening pizza with beer, wine, wonderful sunset light moods as appetizer or dessert, starry sky as midnight snack, breakfast with golden sunrise. Enjoyable descent through dense bamboo bushes and sparse forest, gorgeous views of the mountains and lakes of the Nahuel Huapi National Park included. An unconditional recommendation!



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Henry said: "Hola, such cairn is not accustomed for a moose. Strenuous and difficult one and broke your hooves! But really beautiful area, even if it's nothing up in the mountains to eat. Not even Moose or something! After all, the wine supply fits in the Refugio, only missing a few moose girls and you would feel completely at ease."


Bariloche dangle your feet dangle your feet Refugio Lynch Stonesea Condor a good idea A little pearl who is wilder? can you... Refugio Frey good idea outside inside small but cosy the moon rised more Moonring what a spot less than 5 minutes mirror, mirror early morning panoramic view for your soul on the way down one of the lakes burned trees


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