Heinrich von Stephan 

[2012.11.22 17:59:52 | Sweden]

Heinrich von Stephan

Heinrich von Stepahn




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Self presentation: Good Day, my name is Heinrich (Henry) von Stephan. Technically Prof. Dr. Heinrich Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Freiherr von und zu Stephan. „Your Moosejesty“ or „beloved leader“ are also agreeable salutations. I was born in the home of the moose, Sweden, for sure. I come from a long established noble moose family that has produced nearby all relevant and well known personalities of the last few hundred years. Yours truly has gone through school and college with honors and commendations at high speed, speaks 32 languages ​​fluently and I was chosen as a representer of the international Moose community and to fight for the recognition of international moose rights. Especially in areas of the world with low moose population, this is a labor of love for me.


Counter statement: Heinrich (if that is his real name) seems in my opinion not coming from a noble family, nor did he speak any languages beside moosish, far away from any higher education and his PhD thesis was exposed as plagiarism (90 % are copy and paste from uncyclopedia) which he tries to cover up more or less successful since a short excursion into politics. He mainly looks after cheap alcohol, cigarettes and volatile women acquaintances. Some years ago, Heinrich smuggled himself secretly into my car in Sweden, probably because his home ground was getting too hot. Rumors says, the reason are alimony claims in high six figures. Since then, he likes to introduce himself as my “consultant, organizer and crisis manager“, but usually plunders my drinks and food supplies and moans about the lack of moose women. Heinrich usually hangs around lazy in the front of the bike and drives me on with level less patterns. However, he is undefeated as a party maker…


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